Client Wars: Shut Up and Listen

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Shut Up and Listen

Working with clients is a relationship. And like in all relationships, we feel respected and valued when we’re listened to. Imagine telling a friend how much you loved the latest Harry Potter movie only to have them interrupt you mid-sentence to tell you that you’re wrong, that it actually was a bad adaption of an even stupider book, and if you knew anything about film history you’d realize only losers like Harry Potter!

How would you then feel? Most of us would be hurt, and probably pissed. After all, you’re not trying to argue Harry Potter’s cinematic worth in light of 100 years of film history, you’re just saying you wish you could have gone to Hogwarts and that “accio” would be a sweet spell if it worked in real life!

Clients are people, and people want to be heard and have their opinions valued. We don’t always need everyone to agree with us, but we want our voice to be heard and our feelings valued.

Clients are people, and people want to be heard.If you struggle with impatience while talking with clients, practice patient, active listening. If they’re giving feedback, hear them out, even if it takes a few minutes. Sometimes all a client needs is to have their concerns heard, and then be reassured that your design decisions are, in fact, just what they need.

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