View a Moose? Win a Pin!

I’m excited to launch this new little project next summer. My company is sending our top clients to Alaska for a cruise, and I came up with this great little game to enrich the time and create the opportunity for a fun shared experience.

The idea came to me after my trip to Anchorage last summer. During my week up there, I found myself and my friends repeatedly sharing notes about the unique Alaskan experiences we were having:

“I saw a moose today!”
“Really?!? I haven’t seen one yet, I really want to see one!”
“Yeah, but did I hear you saw a bear?”
“Yeah, yesterday while we were hiking. A black one.
“That’s awesome.”

It’s as if we all had these mental checklists of things we wanted to experience. We were elated when we could check something off, and jealous when someone else crossed one off their list without us.

So I made it into a game: Each time one of our clients has one of these unique experiences, they win a pin! We’ll be passing out lanyards so throughout the week, they can display the pins they’ve earned. Our clients are salesmen and tend to be really competitive, so they’ll definitely be in to showing off their accomplishments.

Additionally, as people complete certain milestones, like visiting all 5 ports, and seeing 3 Alaskan animals, they’ll win additional prizes like t-shirts, etc.

Here’s the 20 pins, with the list of how to earn each.

First Row
Visit Juneau
Visit Seattle
Visit Skagway
Visit Ketchikan
Visit Vancouver

Second Row
See a whale
See a moose
See a bear
See a salmon
See an eagle

Third Row
See a seal
See a glacier
See an iceberg
See a waterfall
Drink a local beer

Fourth Row
Eat a unique, local food
Visit the original Starbucks
Buy local art
Visit a historical site
Have an adventure


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  2. Sarah Wu
    December 16, 2010

    great idea and fun