Whoville at Work

Well, December is upon us, and our team decided to celebrate with some healthy holiday competition. Each team was charged to decorate their row after a holiday movie, and our team chose “How the Grinch Stole Christmas.”

We spent over 100 man hours in total over the next week building a lifesize cartoon set out of painted cardboard and duck tape (because we’re frugal, after all!). It was a massive undertaking, but was such a blast. And it all came out wonderfully.

There’s something fantastic about hand cutting and painting after spending all day in Photoshop. Know what I mean?

The process was fairly simple. I drew patterns in Photoshop and projected them onto cardboard. We traced the patterns and cut them out with a simple box cutter. Then we painted each piece. The larger pieces like the tree, the fireplace, and the arch required multiple pieces of cardboard which we taped together. We also used a little bit of wood to give some additional support for the arch & tree, which span from floor to ceiling. Then it was just a matter of hanging everything and taping it to the walls!

Pro tip: I learned during the course of this project that duct tape doesn’t stick particularly well to cardboard. Try clear packing tape instead. After a week the duct tape has mostly peeled off, but the packing tape is holding strong.

Enjoy the photos!

Projecting the patterns onto cardboard for outlining

Paint & PBR: the magic that brought it all together

Outlining the lettering

Mixin’ paints

Welcome to Whoville!

I love how the fireplace came out: the Grinch’s eyes look awesomely creepy! Plus those stockings are great.

Here’s the awesome team that brought it together!

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