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Making of a life-size Grinch Christmas set at work

Whoville at Work

Design, Misc

This week I took a little time at work (about 5 hours, actually) to draw a typographic map of Seattle's dozens of neighborhoods.

Seattle love

Design, Misc

Recently I've gotten back into making furniture and things. I have always had a love for woodworking. In fact, it's been a dream of mine since 7th grade woodshop class to one day have a small shop of my own and build furniture for my home.

Side project: Building a bed

Design, Misc

Chutes & Ladders is made for preschoolers – but is unplayable by them! A proposed redesign to provide secondary navigation cues for a better experience.

Re-thinking the UI Design of… Chutes & Ladders?

Design, UX / UI, Writing

Lego Batman Jack O’Lantern

Design, Misc

Zelda Daft Punk Mashup

Design, Misc

A poster for our creative team room at Intuit, highlighting our core principles of UX design

Experience Principles

Design, Misc, UX / UI

Take a sneak peak at some screenshots from HappyClass - a seating chart generator for iPhone/iPod coming later this year!

HappyClass Sneak Peak

Design, Misc, UX / UI

Website designed and built for Boulder, CO client featuring an integrated social media and online marketing strategy.

Voodoo Hair Lounge

Design, UX / UI